Business is the essence of today's economy. Companies buy and sell to consumers and B2B sales with the primary objective of being profitable as the goal of all companies. Businesses are the life blood of any economy. Business schools form the fundamentals of money making, it is where many start out. Marketing and advertising is a core process in any business, whether outsourced or inhouse, they are essential to help a business market their products. Real estate and similar services deal with the housing and office space rentals and sale, a huge component of any country’s GDP. The service industry forms a large part of a country’s economy, especially in developed countries. FOI directory lists businesses of every industry for you to select when making your buying choice. If your company's website is not listed here, click on Submit Site on the menu bar and have your site listed to gain a wider exposure.

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Ideas for Generating Income in the Existing Economy

Earning money today can both be difficult & easy. Doing a full time job may not be sufficient to live a life that you desire. In this guide, we list some ways on how you can make a living from online with the flexibility of your own time.

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