Reference material plays a big part in our lives. We all have to refer to material for school, work or play. There are experts on all sorts of genres imaginable, from etiquette to finance. The arts and humanities require a huge amount of reference material, as subjects like history, geography and the arts require looking back at material written by the past generations. Books are a great form of material to refer to, as are research papers by professors and people of higher learning. Student resources are vital for the furtherance of knowledge, while the proper use of the english language forms a base for further education. FAQs provide a conducive atmosphere to question and learn through asking intellectual questions. Learning by questioning should never be underestimated, as many of the brightest minds invented their signature contraptions by first questioning whether it can be done. For companies who need to get patents for their products, it is essential to know whether a similar one has already been created. List your reference website on and let people find you!

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