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Easy Access to Information Online

Easy Access to Information Online

Date Added: June 30, 2010 05:27:16 AM
Author: FOI - James Swank
Category: Internet

Over the years, the volume of internet surfers have been increasing drastically and with that comes a huge ton of disorganized content on the web. Directories first came about as a solution to this problem by categorizing information based on their separate niches and industries. However along time, due to over tens of millions of websites online there came a need for a search engine, one that could easily obtain the information users seek on the fly.

Search engines was then invented for this cause with special highly sophisticated algorithms used to deliver the web pages that contains the information the web surfer searches for. This technology greatly made live convenient for most people. With such a great technology, who would ever need web directories again? Now because of search engines which brings lots of web traffic to a webmaster, lots of SEO spammers also known as search engine optimizers optimized their sites to rank top rankings in Google for their related key terms. Over time this led to Google showing results that are what the webmaster wants the visitor to see but the information presented on their site may not be the most accurate information that is desired.

Hence it came back to web directories being useful, directories that are manually edited and approved gives consumers the confidence to believe in the sites they visit. If you are looking to search for information through web directories, we suggest searching only on directories that are manually reviewed daily to keep only the best listings. Here at FOI Directory, we have a very strict editorial review when it comes to approving sites. Sites that appear to be spammy and misleading in their presentation of information will not appear in our results. Furthermore some top tier directories are daily scanned for website listings that are no longer active and those listings are deactivated automatically.

We hope you enjoy surfing through our directory to find the information you seek, we list only the best sites for enhanced surfing experience.

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Easy Access to Information Online

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